A Photographic Tour Of Rachel's Tomb
-- Exterior Views --

For 3,000 years this spot has been venerated by Jews
as the place where Matriarch Rachel was buried.

1-1. The following is a view of the structure of the tomb from the early 1900's. 
The addition built by Sir Moses Montefiore about 150 years ago is the light-colored section on the left.
The postmark on the picture postcard below is dated 8 September 1932 from Bethlehem.


Here are views of the exterior of the Tomb with the new construction, not yet completed, that were taken in August 1999.  Please click on the images below to enlarge to full size:

1-2. View Looking North
on Bethlehem Road. This photo
was taken in August 1999.

1-3. View Looking West
On Bethlehem Road.  This photo
was taken in August 1999.

1-4. View Looking South
On Bethlehem Road. This photo
was taken in August 1999.

The following photographs were taken in September 2000 after the new construction was completed.
Approximately weeks from that time was, Rosh Hashanah  the start of the ongoing mini-war between Israel & the Arabs.  All the photographs below may be enlarged by clicking on them:

1-5.  View of entrance looking south-west with  Hebron Road in the foreground.  Israeli flags on the tower were tied to their poles and were deliberately not displayed.  Click to see enlarged photo with additional details. 

1-6.  Midsection of  the Tomb with Hebron Road in the foreground.  Note the white dome from original structure just above the center of the structure.



1-7. Tomb looking north up Hebron Road.  Note guard tower on left with remote-control television camera mounted on pole.  the most significant difference between this and the photo taken in 1999 is that that guard tower was completed.

1-8. Looking north from the mid-section toward the entrance.
1-9. Looking north at the Tomb's entrance from one of the rooftops across Hebron Road.


1-10. Looking at the midsection from one of the rooftops across Hebron Road.

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